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Thank you David Pyne for articulating point by point, the necessary steps needed to bring this senseless war to an end. Now all we need is the will of the Politicians.

Frank Zappa once compared the human mind to a parachute, stating that it works best when opened. I am praying that the people in charge will heed your words and open their minds.

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You certainly deserve more commentary and reader engagement, Dave.

As for " . . . What US Leaders Must do to Ensure America's Survival", they are not true leader, more Ivy League parasites helped into positions of influence.

What then they should do is resign, some to gaol and have people with a track record of real competencies take over - quite impossible.

The United States sinks as those states possessing the world's resources and manufacturing capability abandon the US dollar.

Say goodnight.


As for Washington's Proxy War turned pear shaped, David - One Great Game To Many . . . https://les7eb.substack.com/p/washingtons-war-ix-one-great-game

Feel free to subscribe. An occasional essay, always free. Edifying, uplifting, instructive.


BTW - President Putin is not Adolph Hitler and comparisons with the former, the quite popular for a time German Chancellor and President, treat us as fools.

US Presidents leave, in their wake, millions dead and no invaded country rebuilt.

It is they who have more in common with the former Nazi State Leadership.

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