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Here up in Canada we "enjoy" an extremely solid platform of straight forward, fact finding, Government sponsored mainstream National news sources. And if you believe this I have some lovely swamp land in Florida I can also sell you.

With FOX caving and getting rid of Tucker Carlson, I suspect Glenn Beck is right on the money.

FOX ratings are about to crater. Say goodbye to a multitude of subscribers. This one might even top the backlash from the Bud Light faithful.

Fox have now managed to lose the one Anchor that was keeping them from becoming like all the other pathetic mouth pieces that slant the news every day and every way. I'll also miss Dan B. big time!

Better the Devil you know I suppose.

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Yeah Rupert Murdoch fired the goose that laid the golden egg for them. They've already lost over half a billion in value. It will only get worse. If they hire Will Cain or Tulsi Gabbard to replace him they might be able to save some of Tucker's viewers.

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What the fasco-Marxist Deep State is too utterly and completely s-t-u-p-i-d to figure out is that they just made Carlson even bigger. Recall the Streisand effect? If you don't remember see here https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-red-light-district/201912/understanding-the-streisand-effect

I heard the other day from a reputable souce that, e.g., Mike Adams' Natural News + Brighteon has more viewers/listeners than ABC.

**Everyone** but the utterly clueless knows the lamestream media is a fraud. This will just magnify that movement further.

It's called the Law of Unintended Consequences (cf. stealing Russia's money to crash the ruble)... but they are too ignorant to figure this out. Much of this is driven by their hubris, which they **cannot** ever leave. We saw this with Operation Barbarossa, Napoleon's march on Moscow, the Spanish Armada, the Revolutionary War, the Battle of Battles of Isandlwana, etc.

And here is the mystery, ensuring the losss of the fasco-Marxists. Have you ever wondered *why* Satan, who knows he will lose in the end, nevertheless continues in his insane hatred of all that is good (including man, who is made in God's image)? Many of us might finally say "Y'know what, I'm really embarrassed, but I made a mistake." Satan *cannot* and *will* not. And these guys, who are satanic in orientation, have the same bent. "Bent" as in Weston and Devine in CS Lewis' Out of the Silent Planet

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