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It is good that the Ukraine Government has read you peace plan. Should reality therapy bring them around to realizing they need one, they already have it!

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Be proud to be on the list.

As you will find out these people are going to come after you personally for interfering with their propaganda program.

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I know. They already started doing that after I published my 15 point peace plan last month.

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Dear David,

Not a great loss to you and genuinely appreciate your steadfast spirit in standing upto what is right in larger interest of humankind.

What can be clearly seen is the manifestation of arrogance by the current political dispensation of Ukraine given the excessive and continuous media coverage, special time slots for speeches to Congress / Parliament / Legislative Bodies of almost every EU nation, USA, UNGA, WEF and what not.

Not just the media exposure but also bending backwards by NATO / EU to appease Ukraine by way of arming to the teeth has emboldened Ukraine to snub it's nose at any possible Peace Treaty.

Given this disastrous pandering, one doesn't need to be Nostradamus or Baba Vanga to foresee that very soon Ukraine (whatever shall remain of it) shall dominate EU against the backdrop of over ~ 20% of it's population already being absorbed as refugees in various nations of EU and whose voices shall resonate strongly for their mother country - Ukraine

Tail wagging the dog syndrome.

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