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Hi David,

You should go on Robert F Kennedy's podcast. He just had Douglas Macgregor on his show on Friday, May 5, and the focus of that show was the Ukraine war. Robert F Kennedy is running for the Democrat nomination for President.


RFK Jr. was also on a podcast called the All-In podcast, in which David Sacks was one of the co-hosts. In that podcast, he stated repeatedly that he would settle the conflict (when they asked him if he would cut off aid, he didn't explicitly say he would, but it can be implied that he would). Another important moment from the All-In podcast is when RFK talks about China and Taiwan. RFK said that if Xi invades Taiwan, he would de-escalate the conflict. He goes on to lament how there's a war party in Washington that is encouraging such a conflict. When asked if he would defend Taiwan, he said "that's a question I would not answer". His reasoning is that he would be committing the country to a war in the future that would be the bloodiest war ever fought (this conversation starts at the 17:17 mark in the video linked below).

I don't believe RFK will be the Democrat nominee; the DNC won't let that happen. I hope he ends up running as an independent and has a substantial chance of winning the Presidency. If he could win the presidency, then I hope that China would be willing to wait until he takes office before making a move on Taiwan, considering Biden's repeated statements that he would defend Taiwan militarily and the news about how Biden is deploying nuclear submarines in South Korea.


As an aside, I do wish that RFK would have explicitly said that he wouldn't defend Taiwan militarily, but his answer does seem to imply that he wouldn't. However, it's still better than what Biden has said 4 times.

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"We know Ukraine has tried in the past to assassinate Russian political and military leaders with mixed success." But have they tried those exploding cigars they tried with Castro :-) (That's a joke, for those monitoring this)

But a serious comment: We keep hearing about the upcoming Ukrainian offensive in the south.... however, I thought all their troops were pretty much gone. Are they going to now use 12 year olds?

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Spot-on assessment. Nice one. Well said that Russia's restraint being touted as strategic failures and faltering capabilities in both areas of equipment & personnel

To my mind, the best solutions are :

a) Russia to cease so called special operations upon signed undertaking from Ukraine, NATO & EU (jointly) for (i) non inclusion of Ukraine in perpetuity into NATO portals and also as an EU member & (ii) non-nuclear status of Ukraine for perpetuity against which Russia will have to return all occupied areas (excepting Crimea) and removal of all sanctions imposed upon Russia with immediate effect.

b) If Ukraine is obdurate of being a part of NATO & EU then, Ukraine to call for ceasefire by surrendering all Russian occupied areas to Russia

Option 'a' would be best and world leaders / UN need to galvanise to impose on Russia & Ukraine for acceptance. Can't leave ceasefire discussions to EU & NATO as it is but soo blatantly obvious that their motivation is not driven by military objective

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I see so much Western media and commentators talking about how Ukraine has exposed the Red Army as a paper tiger. But I can't believe this is all the the Red Army is capable of. As you say, Russia is a bigger country with a bigger economy and much more war fighting material. I know Ukrainians are fighting for the homeland and the Russian soldiers seem not very committed, but the overwhelming difference in numbers has to be important. A lightweight cannot stand in the middle of the ring with a heavyweight and trade punches. The bigger fighter is going to win out. Ukraine is going to run out of soldiers at some point.

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