Excellent. Learning more from this than any history class I ever took!

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Your next article, perhaps, should be on what a nuke war might look like. Would it inevitably go the "full monty?" Or once the military assets were taken out, would that be the end. It seems to me that Putin is not interested in being a mass murderer (e.g., Ukraine), and would stop at military assets. This would mean that us poor hoi polloi here in flyover country would have to deal with the demise of infrastructure, but not direct blast effects, unless one were near a miltary base. Thoughts?

Also, would love to see you interviewed by Mike Adams on Natural News!

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Thank you so much David for putting this out chronologically, explaining what options were available at the time(s) and in language that even I can understand! When you read the past war events one by one, it is shocking.

Most of us are just struggling with the everyday financial pressures and are just so caught up in our own little worlds that one does not often realize what is developing right before our eyes.

Sadly, reason continues to be taking a back seat, despite this clear and disastrous military track record.

With things coming to a head on so many war fronts, perhaps it is indeed time to do a health check on one's own spiritual life, as it's the one thing we can put in order and have any control over.

I guess it's true what they say: "We were all born ignorant but to remain so requires hard work".

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Ha...you think it is IRONIC that NATO has become the primary vehicle clamoring for war with Russia? Heavens...a government agency trying to make sure its existence is guaranteed...who'da thunk of it!

It is a Burisma war. Russia in Kiev will release the files about Hunter...and ZelenskY, who has access to the documents now, has blackmailed Biden to the tune of 100 Billion.

I forget...what part of the North Atlantic is Turkey on?

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