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yes - you should be honoured to be on this list of peace prize winners - keep at it - jeff

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Sadly common sense is not that common. Please continue to be that voice in the wilderness. I'll never understand why so many seek war and refuse to open their hearts and minds to compromise. Time to set pride aside.

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"Surprisingly, they omitted...Musk from the list despite the fact that he recently issued a peace proposal."

perhaps because ukraine depends on musk's 'starlink'?

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I'm very disappointed I'm not on that list. How do get on it.

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The ForeignPolicyAlliance.org suggests a strategy to use non-binding "advisory elections" to put anti-war arguments before the US electorate at the city and county levels, and offer voters a way to let them vote to express their desire for peace and diplomacy. Patrick Lawrence, a progressive journalist, mentions this strategy in his article, "Who Should Control Foreign Policy?"


For more info contact Barry Klein at 713-224-4144 and gov.reform.pro@gmail.com

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Dear Mr. Pyne,

Thank you for your work.

I do disagree with you on one point:

You assert, "Ukrainian government propaganda and disinformation...has brainwashed most U.S. policymakers to support an undeclared proxy war on Russia."

On the contrary, I would argue that the so-called "Ukrainian" disinformation campaign is an "undeclared" US-neocon-driven proxy information war in the same way that the war in Ukraine is an "undeclared proxy war on Russia."

As you yourself note, Ukrainian "disinformation" organizations are US State Department-funded. Just as Ukraine is the military instrument of US foreign policy abroad, so are Ukrainian "disinformation" agencies the propaganda instrument of US foreign policy in the US.

The US has never had to give special congressional audiences for Zelensky to berate Americans for not suicidally 'closing the skies'; US magazines like Foreign Policy have never had to publish Ukrainian-written propaganda pieces; and the US State Department doesn't have to subsidize Ukrainian 'enemy lists' of US citizens: these actions are not the result of clever Ukrainian penetration of US politics, but of the power of neocon forces to deploy Ukranians as their willing sock puppets to propagandize their own citizens.

Best...Paul Jackson, NY, NY

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lets all laugh at this. lol

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