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I chose “The Real War” as the name for this newsletter after the name of the realist foreign policy book by Richard Nixon, that served as the blueprint for the Reagan military buildup and his successful strategy to defeat the Soviet Union, which peaked my interest in foreign and national security policy when I first read it back in 1985. As Nixon, stated in his book, “World War I and II…brought the Communists to power in Russia and China” and “destroyed the five (actually six with Imperial Japan) great containing powers that had kept Russia penned in.” What might U.S. leaders have done differently to change this catastrophic outcome of both world wars for the Western Powers to have prevented the emergence of the unprecedented existential threat that the Sino-Russian alliance pose to us today? What lessons must we learn from studying our tragic and avoidable errors in fighting those wars to prevent similar cataclysmic geopolitical errors today and avert the increasingly likely danger that a nuclear and EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) holocaust will materialize in the near future?

I believe it is imperative for U.S. leaders to act immediately to replace our failed grand strategy of liberal hegemony with a more realist and restrained grand strategy of offshore balancing if we are to avoid such an unparalleled catastrophic outcome for the United States of America, which current U.S. foreign policy is making all but inevitable. Equally important, the U.S. must act quickly to rebuild its aging, undersized strategic nuclear arsenal, deploy a comprehensive multi-layered national missile defense system and harden its critical infrastructure against the threats of cyber/EMP attack as well as super solar storms that, if left unsecured, could destroy it. This could be fully paid for by bringing home the majority of our over 200,000 troops deployed abroad. By so doing, America could restore the credibility of our nuclear deterrent and dissuade Russia and China from committing future international aggressions while reducing the risks of the U.S. being dragged into an unnecessary world war with them, which would almost certainly quickly escalate to the nuclear level.

Lastly, U.S. leaders should follow Nixon’s sage advice in seeking peaceful accommodations with Russia and China which satisfy the vital interests of all three nuclear superpowers and serve to increase international peace and stability while making no concessions to them without receiving reciprocal concessions in return. By doing so, we can induce them to stop viewing the U.S. as ‘the main enemy’ and can succeed in dividing and neutralizing the Sino-Russian military alliance while greatly diminishing the unprecedented threat they pose to our existence. With regards to ending the war in Ukraine, the U.S. should seek a negotiated end to the conflict with Russia which provides them with a face-saving exit ramp that both satisfies legitimate Russian security concerns and ensures continued Ukrainian independence.

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Providing expert analysis on what the best US national security strategy should be to prevent an unnecessary World War III with Russia and China as well as what we should have done differently to achieve more successful outcomes in our past conflicts.


Executive Vice President of the Task Force on National & Homeland Security; Former US Army HQ Staff Officer; Published National Security Strategist & Military Historian, Russia & Nuclear Weapons Expert