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Chinese President Xi Jinping Does a Victory Lap as Biden Kowtows to His Paymaster

Rebuttal to Joel Skousen’s Misleading Claims About My National Security Viewpoints

Is America on the Verge of World War Three in Ukraine and the Middle East?

How a Chinese Attack on Taiwan Might Quickly Escalate to World War Three

Revisiting US involvement in the Second World War

Remembering the Commencement of America's Global War on Terror

How President George W. Bush Made the Middle East Safe for the Expansion of Iranian Revolutionary Terror

Israel Declares War Following Hamas Terror Strikes That Have Killed Over 650 Israelis

Gaetz's 'Hail Mary' Ouster of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy Might Backfire for Conservatives

The Origins of the Russo-Ukrainian War and How to End it with a Victory, not for Russia or Ukraine, but for America

Western Media is Finally Admitting Ukraine is Losing the War

An Overview of the History and Future of US Foreign and National Security Policy

Negotiate a Compromise Peace Agreement to Avert Nuclear War with Communist China Over Taiwan

US leaders Have Failed to Learn the Lessons of World War Two Regarding How to Prevent Great Power Conflicts

Russian Media Reports Wagner Chief Yevgenny Prigozhin, who led Failed Mutiny Against Russian Ministry of Defense, Killed in Plane Accident

More Evidence Revealed that Biden Likely Deliberately Provoked Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Biden Orders Partial Mobilization of US Military Reserves in Preparation for Potential World War Three with Russia

A New Grand Strategy to Counter the Rise of Communist China

Why a Grand Comprehensive Peace Settlement with Russia Would be a Major Strategic Victory for the West

Vivek Ramaswamy Releases Bold New Peace Plan to End the War in Ukraine and Split the Sino-Russian Military Alliance

Was the Prigozhin Mutiny a Ruse to Set Up a Russian False Flag Rogue Nuclear Missile Strike From Belarus?

The Coup that Wasn't-Armed Standoff Between Wagner Group Chief Prigozhin and Russian Military Ends Within 24 Hours

Former President Trump Indicted on Thirty-Seven Counts Hours After Story Breaks that Biden took $10 million in bribes from Ukraine

Why Vivek Ramaswamy is the Most Insightful and Courageous America First Conservative Running for President

Russia Claims Drone Attack on Kremlin was Ukrainian Attempt to Assassinate Russian President Putin

Biden Administration Signs Agreement with Republic of Korea to Dock U.S. Nuclear Missile Submarines in Korean Ports

America First Conservatism's Most Powerful Media Voice Tucker Carlson Fired by Fox News This Morning

America in Danger--What US Leaders Must do to Avert War with the Sino-Russian Alliance and Ensure our National Survival

New Book "Catastrophe Now" I Co-Authored, is Now the #1 Rated "Hot Release" in National & International Security

A Proposed Treaty of Peace with the Soviet Union

Biden Must Pressure Zelensky to Accept a Cease-Fire to Save Ukraine From Being Overrun by Russia and Avert World War Three

US NORTHCOM Commanding General Tells Congress U.S. Policy is not to Defend America Against Russian and Chinese Nuclear Missile Attack

Missed Opportunities for Peace-The Secret Diplomatic History of the Second World War

The End of the Post-World War Two Rules-Based Liberal International Order

Mysterious 'High Altitude Object' Shot Down by U.S. Fighter Over Alaska

Have U.S. Leaders Learned the Lessons of the Iraq War Twenty Years Later?

Biden Refuses to Shoot Down Huge Communist Chinese Airship over U.S. in Major Propaganda Coup for China

Biden Offered Russia Twenty Percent of Ukrainian Territory in Exchange for Peace

Russia Massing up to 700,000 Troops on Ukraine's Borders for a Massive Winter Offensive Designed to Force Kyiv to Sign Peace Agreement

My Recent & Upcoming Media Appearances Discussing the Need for U.S. to Stop Provoking World War Three with the Sino-Russian Alliance

Churchill or Chamberlain--Which British Prime Minister Was Really the Greater Appeaser?

The Past Century of U.S. Military Interventionism Has Made America and the World Much Less Safe