Sitemap - 2022 - The Real War

Putin Announces Russia Will Permanently Increase the Size of its Armed Forces by Over 500,000 Troops to Defeat Ukraine and Force it to Negotiate a Peace Settlement Ending the War

Russian President Putin Threatens to Nuke the US and NATO if “Even One” Western missile Enters Russian Airspace in Response to US-backed Ukrainian Drone Attacks on Two Russian Nuclear Bomber Bases

Ukraine is Losing the War While US Military Support is Greatly Diminishing US National Security

The Great Debate-Discussing the Merits of Continued US Military Involvement in the Russo-Ukrainian War

How to Prevent an Unnecessary Nuclear War with the Sino-Russian Alliance

My Most Recent Interview on "Securing America" Hosted by Frank Gaffney on America's Real Voice TV Network

My Recent Interviews Discussing the Origins of the Cold War with the Sino-Russian Alliance and my Proposed Grand Strategy to Counter It

Media Advisory: I will Be Speaking at the Firm Foundation Expo at the Salt Palace on October 20th

The 2022 U.S. National Security Strategy Fails to Effectively Address Pressing National Security Threats

Former Congresswoman and America First Peace Champion Tulsi Gabbard Announces She Can No Longer Remain a Member of the Democrat Party

President Biden Warns the World is on the Verge of Nuclear Armageddon

My Most Recent Media Interviews Discussing the Latest Developments in the Russo-Ukrainian War

Putin's Nuclear Trump Card to Win the War in Ukraine

Ukrainian Disinformation Agency Re-issues its Black List of 35 High Profile Americans including Tucker Carlson Accused of Disseminating Russian Propaganda Narratives

Putin Announces Formal Russian Annexation of all Four Ukrainian Regions Occupied by Russia as Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Warns Risk of Russian Nuclear Escalation is "Very High"

Biden Must Call for a Cease Fire to Save Ukraine From Being Overrun by Russia

President Biden & Neoconservative Republicans in Congress Unite in Support of Further Military Escalation Against Russia in Ukraine

Putin to Give Speech Announcing Popular Referendums in All Four Ukrainian Regions Occupied By Russia as a Prelude to Full Russian Annexation

Will the Biden Administration Policy of Providing Virtually Unlimited U.S. Military Assistance to Ukraine Provoke Russia to Employ Tactical Nuclear Weapons to Win the War?

My Recent Remarks Calling for the Biden Administration to Defund the Ukrainian Center for Countering Disinformation

My Interview on "Securing America" With Frank Gaffney on America's Real Voice TV Network

Utahn Plays Pivotal Role in Russo-Ukraine Peace Process

My Upcoming TV Interview on "Securing America" with Frank Gaffney

How Repeated U.S. Foreign Policy Blunders Have Brought America to the Brink of World War III with the Sino-Russian Alliance

The Passing of Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, Executive Director of the Task Force on National & Homeland Security

A New Grand Strategy to Counter the Rise of Communist China

Russian Government Signals Support for My Fifteen Point Peace Plan to End the War in Ukraine

My Most Recent Media Interviews and Upcoming Projects

The Atomic Bombings of Japan Did Not Cause its Surrender, the Soviet Declaration of War Did.

The Chinese Air and Naval Blockade of Taiwan Has Begun

Communist Chinese Aggression Against Taiwan May Be Imminent

Response to Ukrainian Government Decision to Include Me on a List of 28 High-Profile Americans Accused of Promoting Russian Propaganda Narratives

The Threat of EMP Attack by America's Adversaries Can Not Be Overestimated

Communist China Reportedly Moves up its Timeline to Invade Taiwan to October

U.S. Leaders Need More Strategic Empathy for Russia

Understanding the Origins and Likely Outcomes of the Russo-Ukrainian War

What if Hitler Never Came to Power and the USSR, not Germany, Started World War Two?

Are US Military Recruiting Shortfalls Caused in Part by Increasing Risk of US Stumbling into a Great Power War?

A Proposed Peace Plan to End the Russo-Ukrainian War

What if the Treaty of Versailles Had Been a Just Negotiated Peace?

Former US Army Officer: US & NATO Considering Negotiated Peace Agreement as Russian Military Victory in Ukraine Appears all but Inevitable

What is the Best Way Forward for the U.S. in the War in Ukraine?

Is President Biden Risking World War III with Russia to Protect His Corrupt Family Business Interests in Ukraine?

Biden's War Policy Greatly Increasing the Chances of Russia Using Nukes in Ukraine

Why a Negotiated Peace Settlement is the Best Option for U.S. to End the Russo-Ukrainian War

Putin May Escalate War in Ukraine on Victory Day

What are the Most Likely Outcomes of the Russo-Ukrainian War?

A Few Observations on the Russo-Ukrainian War

My Recent Interview on the Stew Peters Show on the Real War in Ukraine

How Modern Wars Have Negatively Impacted U.S. National Security Interests

How Biden Can Win the New Cold War In Ukraine

How Biden Can End the War in Ukraine with a Russian Military Withdrawal

How Biden Should Respond to a Russian Invasion of Ukraine

U.S. should sign sphere of influence agreements with Russia and China to avert unnecessary wars in Ukraine and Taiwan

Biden Should Negotiate Peace Agreement with Russia to Avert War Over Ukraine

Russian Communist Party Newspaper Pravda Attacks U.S. Author it Alleges "Gave Advice to Hitler How to Defeat Russia"

My Interviews on "The American Journal" Program hosted by Harrison Smith

Russian & Chinese State-Controlled Media Attack my Sphere of Influence Peace Proposal as "a Trap for Russia" for which "China Cannot be Fooled!"

My Recent Video Presentations Addressing the Increasing Threat of War with Russia and Communist China

A New National Security Strategy for America

Critically Important Measures the U.S. Can Implement to Ensure America’s Survival

The Risk of U.S. Defeat in a ‘Two-Front’ War with Russia and China

Confrontational U.S. Foreign Policy May Provoke a Cataclysmic Sino-Russian Attack on the U.S. Homeland

How Russia, China and North Korea Could Use EMP Weapons to Win a War Against the U.S.

How Nazi Germany Could Have Won the Second World War

What if Churchill had accepted Hitler’s May 1941 Peace Offer Carried by Deputy Fuhrer Rudolph Hess?

Refuting Liberal Propaganda Myths about the Second World War

Decisions That Might Cause U.S. to Lose World War III

What U.S. Leaders Must Do to Deter a Catastrophic Sino-Russian Cyber/EMP/Nuclear Attack and Ensure America’s National Survival

What If the United States Had Remained Neutral During World War I?

Why Rudolf Hess was the Last Casualty of World War Two

How Trump Could Win Nobel Peace Prize for Peace Agreement with Russia and China

An America First National Security Strategy to Avert War with the Sino-Russian Alliance

DIA Analyst/USAF Officer Rebuts Leftist War Propaganda by Revealing Putin is Not Targeting Civilians in Ukraine

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